About Bathtub Brewhouse

Why the name Bathtub Brewhouse?  We love the Prohibition era.  Everything about it.  The speakeasies, the time period, the cars, the way people dressed, the music, bathtub gin, and especially the passion people had for their freedom to drink and to end Prohibition on December 5, 1933.  It was a time that America came together to stand for something greater.  It was every American’s God-given right to be able to drink beer.  Our Founding Fathers brewed their own beer, for crying out loud!  It’s ironic that on my birthday Prohibition ended and that Ray and I fermented our first batches of beer in a bathtub back in 2005.  But it is a sign to us that Bathtub Brewhouse must be born!  And so, with your help, it will happen sooner than later.  The best way to support us is to sign up for our BB Telegram, which is our email newsletter, by clicking on Contact BB.  This way you will be the first to hear about our latest news.  Second, you can buy a shirt or a pint glass and help us advertise by clicking on Help BB be Born!.  Third, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word by clicking on the links at the bottom right corner.  Our slogan is “One tub at a time!” because we pour our heart and soul into every batch of beer we make.  We believe you will taste the difference when you finally get to taste our beer.  Nothing is going to stop us from being able to share our beer.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by our site.  Cheers!

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Please help Bathtub Brewhouse be born!  Just click on the items below to get awesome BB glassware, t-shirts, special invite to be one of the first to taste our beer in our future brewery before it opens to the public, and more goodies to come!  You can also help by spreading the news about Bathtub Brewhouse to all your friends, family and acquaintances and posting about us on all social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Contact Bathtub Brewhouse

If you have stumbled upon this site for the first time and want to contact us about anything, please email us at: info@bathtubbrewhouse.com.  If this is your second or third time visiting our site and you signed up for our BB Telegram in the past and have not received our BB Telegram recently, please email us at signup@bathtubbrewhouse.com.  We unfortunately had a glitch in our online form and might have missed getting your request to sign up.  We apologize for any inconvenience.